Popular PlayStation games will come on mobile

Sony is working to bring popular PlayStation game titles to mobile platforms. For this, the Japanese tech giant is already going to appoint a person by creating a new post of ‘Head of Mobile’. With this new executive, an initiative has been taken to create a three- to five-year strategy.

According to technology blog Engadget, Sony has tried to match the PlayStation brand with phones before. Aside from the game, the company also tried to bring a PlayStation phone called ‘Xperia Play’. However, they probably took the initiative long before the time. The phone was not commercially successful.

In general, Sony has not seen any activity with the PlayStation game franchise before. The only exception to this may be called ‘Uncharted: Fortune Hunter’. This time they want to change this issue for themselves.

Sony authorities have not yet revealed exactly which titles may come on the mobile platform or how long it will take. But it’s not hard to guess why Sony is leaning towards the phone. They want to take the PlayStation brand to a wider range of customers.

If you can do the job, Sony will be able to pocket the profit from ‘in-app purchases’. For example, mobile gamers have a big role to play in the success of Fortnite, PUBG and Roblox.